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Monday, November 19, 2012


Saturday morning I worked a shift as a volunteer at one of our local science museums that sponsored a “Meet the Mammals” day. Standing with a few other volunteers at the “flying mammals” table, I had the distinct feeling that I was at a trade show, selling bats, sugar gliders, and flying foxes, and their marvelous adaptations for flight to crowds of little kids and their parents. I felt sad that the small local holiday bazaar in which I participated last year has been canceled this year. 

To make up for this void, I have decided to put together the first ever Olympic Orchids holiday gift box, with a selection of limited edition fragrances for Winter 2012. I’ve modified Café V a bit, and it will be the featured perfume item, in the form of a 5 ml parfum concentration spray. I’ve written about the Café V experiment before, and the fact that it was abandoned because it contains a significant amount of cardamom, a spice that some people seem to dislike. Knowing this, I'm giving customers the option of trying Café V or substituting any of the other 5 ml spray parfums in current production.

Along with the perfume, there will be a bottle of Amber-Labdanum bath oil, the offspring of the popular bath salts I sold at last year’s holiday bazaar, laced with Olympic Amber and a perfect dose of labdanum. There will also be a bar of all-natural patchouli-scented soap, formulated at the request of a friend. As a bonus, thanks to Michael, there will be a CD by the jazz group that he plays with.

The red boxes are here, a batch of Café V is ready to go, and the gift box is listed on the website. I've just set up a Black Friday promotion of free shipping anywhere in the US (code = HOLIDAY) or $5 off international shipping (code = INTERNATIONAL). The codes will be good from midnight on November 22 through midnight on Saturday, November 24, Pacific standard time.

The last time I tried to do a promotion, the discount code function on my shopping cart didn’t work reliably and I had to issue a lot of refunds manually. I’ll talk to the people who host my website (they are actually real people!) and try to make sure the codes are functional this time. Speaking of websites, I’m in the process of switching over my orchid plant website from the dysfunctional company that currently hosts it to the same company that hosts my perfume website. When I tested the link to the orchid plant website, I found that even that doesn't work, and I get a warning from Sophos that a virus has been detected, so I removed the link! It seems that 1&1 is going from bad to worse every day. The switch to the new platform should happen within the next week or two. As soon as the new plant website is up and running there will be free shipping on all orders until I get the new shipping-by-weight algorithms set up. Unfortunately, plants can’t be shipped internationally.

Here’s wishing everyone in the US a happy Thanksgiving and safe travels if you’re going somewhere for the holiday. 

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