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Thursday, October 3, 2013


The new boxes arrived from the manufacturer yesterday. The outside box was totally beat up, but once I looked inside I was happy to find that the new boxes were intact and exactly what I had envisioned. I was ecstatic knowing that nothing had gone wrong in the process from design to communication, materials selection, manufacturing both boxes and inserts, printing the different labels, packing, and shipping the order. Best of all, I was able to source custom boxes in the US, so didn’t have to have them shipped all the way from China.

The boxes are shiny black with red and white logo and name, and are made out of a reasonably sturdy recycled cardboard. According to the manufacturer, the ink is eco-friendly, probably much more so than the inkjet cartridges I use. I’m looking forward to having to print fewer labels using those things. It’s nice to know that recycled/ecofriendly materials don’t all have to look like bare, raw, brown cardboard.

Inside the box is a standard corrugated cardboard liner that pads and protects the bottle. I’m really excited to start using these boxes, which I can do as soon as my first production run of bottles comes back from the printer, also local, in Seattle. 

These boxes are so nice that I’m gradually going to switch everything over to this basic type of design. I’ll probably have individual fragrance names printed only on the larger “retail line” boxes and use generic boxes with pre-printed stick-on labels for the others. We’ll see. I’m loving all of the possibilities that are opened up by having found a good custom box manufacturer.  


  1. These look wonderful! Very exciting!

  2. Marla, I just got the call from the printer - my bottles are ready, too. Woo-hoo! As soon as I get back from the orchid show in Oregon, I'll be ready to go on the first wave of new packaging.

  3. Dear Ellen, would you mind to share with me the name of your boxes' provider? At the moment I am buying boxes from Italy, but I would need a supplier in the US..... Thanks for the Help!!!
    Fabio Luisi

    1. Fabio, I'll send you an e-mail with the name and link to the box manufacturer that I use.

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