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This blog is a constantly evolving forum for thoughts on perfume, perfume-making, plants (especially orchids and flora of the Pacific Northwest) and life in general. It started out chronicling the adventures of Olympic Orchids Perfumes, established in July 2010, and has expanded in other directions. A big part of the blog is thinking about the ongoing process of learning and experimentation that leads to new perfumes, the exploration of perfumery materials, the theory and practice of perfume making, the challenges of marketing perfumes and other fragrance products, and random observations on philosophy and society. Spam comments will be marked as such and deleted; any comments that go beyond the boundaries of civil discourse will also be deleted. I am grateful to all of you, the readers, who contribute to the blog by commenting and making this a truly interactive perfume project.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I'm just about ready to prepare and send out sets of the new fragrances that are under development and I think I have a mailing address or e-mail for everyone who signed up except Celina. So Celina, please contact me with your complete address. I'm looking forward to your comments and critiques!

Now that this batch is at a testing point, I'm going to concentrate on finishing up Alyssum and the other perfume for the special customer.


  1. Hi Doc Elly -

    I have been meaning to post you for some time...
    I am glad your trip to the interior of B.C. went well; I haven't been to that part of the country myself - spending most of my B.C. time in the Kootenays or on Vancouver Island.
    I regard to your question about fragrance to keep one alert... I think your Olympic Rainforest would be ideal: lots of bright green and foresty notes. Ditto for Fleurs de Glace with its icy galbanum punch-in-the-nose. How about Estee Lauder's Aliage for a jolt of grass, herbs and spice?
    I hope you have my e-mail and my address and trust there will be no problem in shipping over the border.
    At present I am mostly wearing Fleurs de Glace or Olympic Rainforest in the day and Gujarat in our cool Alberta evenings.

    Best Wishes from Canada,


  2. Robert, I do have your mailing address, since my website keeps a record of all past orders. I know for the past few weeks nothing was being shipped to Canada because of the postal strike, but I hope that's been resolved.

    Those are great suggestions on perfumes to keep one alert. However, I've gotten so I don't like to take my own perfumes with me when I travel because smelling them while I fill vials and bottles gives me a much different association than I would have if I didn't know them so intimately. A break is always welcome. I think the same principle applies to cooking. I'm a good cook, but food cooked by someone else always tastes better, no matter what it is!

    I haven't visited Vancouver Island yet, but it's on the top of the list of upcoming trips strictly for pleasure. It's so close that it's really a shame that I haven't been there.

  3. I will send a PM on fragrantica.
    Thank you!