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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Now that I’m home again, I’ll get around to writing about my experiences in San Francisco, but first I’d like to announce that no one came close to guessing which posts got the most hits. Some titles that you mentioned were posts that I would like to have had get lots of hits, but that wasn’t the case. Those who guessed “Ambroxan and Not a Perfume” came close, since it’s somewhere in the top 20, but it’s not in the top 5.

Here are the clues:

Two posts deal with a food material and a perfume material.

One post deals with pruning of trees and shrubs

One post deals with a seasonal perfume and an orchid.

One post is about a small fragrant orchid flower and a perfume.

Happy hunting, and good luck!

[Puzzle picture from Wikimedia]


  1. Hi Ellen,

    Hope you had a great time in SF! Here are my guesses: Turmeric in Food and Perfume, Beeswax and Honey, Topiary Tree Torture, The Making of a Summer Fragrance and Fragrant Phalaenopsis Javanica.


  2. After a long research I would say:
    1.Tumeric in food and perfume
    2. Beewax and Honey
    ( There are 2 other posts : The new fragrances Cafe V and Vanilla Plain or not so plain ... but are they really food material or desert flavoring material ? ... Is desert food?...Hard to decide )
    3. Topiary Tree Torture
    4. The making of a summer fragrance: Dendrbium Moniliforme
    5. Fragrant phalaenopsis : Javanica ( Red Cattleya was a close call but I think for Laeliocattleya Netrasiri is a bigger orchid)


  3. Gail and Celina, Beeswax and Honey was a good guess, but it's not the one. The rest are right on, although not necessarily in the right order. You're both tied for first place at the moment.

  4. Then Vanilla plain or not so plain is the other guess.

    I am going to know your posts by heart ... ;)

  5. Another guess? Cardamom: Love It or Hate It. Gail

    1. Wow! You've come up with another logical guess that's not it. I'm just going to declare you the winner, Celina the runner-up, and publish the list.

  6. What IS the the other food and perfume material post and how did these topics score for most hits? I'm looking forward to receiving the goodies, have enjoyed the beautiful photos and reading (and re-reading) the posts. Gail